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      AdMob Supports Developers Across Platforms

      posted by admob 5:35 PM
      Monday, April 5, 2010

      Developers are increasingly building their applications for multiple platforms. In a recent survey, we found that nearly half of developers are planning to have their applications on multiple platforms within the next 6 months.

      At AdMob, we want to provide easy monetization solutions across as many of those platforms as possible. So today we are happy to announce the release of three ad SDKs, including important updates to our existing Android and iPhone SDKs and a new SDK for Flash Lite.

      Android SDK – Our Android SDK brings AdMob’s rich media ad units including expandable canvas and multi-panel banner to Android devices. It also enables developers to easily monetize their applications across different OS versions, screen resolutions, or screen sizes. We launched our first Android SDK in January 2009 and since then added 3,000 Android applications to our network and served 1.5 billion ad requests in February 2010 to Android OS devices.  To download an updated Android SDK log into your AdMob account and download the publisher code for your site.

      iPhone SDK – Our iPhone SDK includes several performance enhancements as well as additional server side flexibility for developers. For example, developers can now change the refresh rate and formatting of their Admob ads without resubmitting their application to their respective app stores. We launched our first iPhone SDK in July 2008 and currently have over 8,000 iPhone applications in our network and served 5.6 billion ad requests in February 2010 to iPhone OS devices. To download updated iPhone SDKs, log into your AdMob account and download the publisher code for your site.

      Flash Lite SDK (Beta) – This brand new SDK will give developers the ability to monetize their Flash Lite applications. Flash Lite is a popular developer platform in Japan and allows AdMob to expand presence in this important market. In 2009, we reported an installed base of 80+ million devices with Flash Lite support in Japan. To download the Flash Lite SDK, log into your account, select the “Sites & Apps” tab, and click on the “Add Site/App” link. On this page, you can register your Flash Lite app and then download the SDK.

      The AdMob SDK team is excited to launch these SDKs and have them join our existing solutions for WebOS, iPhone JavaScript, and Mobile Web. If you have feedback on any of our SDKs please don’t hesitate to email us at or drop by our Developer Day on Thursday March 25th and ask questions.

      Thomas S.

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