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      Still a Little Confused about Twitter? Here’s a Helpful Article on How to Make it Work as a Marketing Tool…

      posted by visistat 7:25 PM
      Thursday, April 18, 2013 ran an article recently called, How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing, by Charlene Kingston. It has some good, solid suggestions, tips and ideas that could help you decide to jump on in to Twitterland, and make it work for your business!

      Twitter has become a force all its own, and when used strategically, it can be a nearly magical tool. Yes, it takes time, attention, consistency and some patience, but the payoff for your brand could be well worth it.

      Charlene’s article opens up with this…

      Is Twitter a part of your social media marketing?

      Or have you let your Twitter marketing drop off lately?

      In any case, with the latest Twitter updates, trends in multi-screen usage and real-time marketing, you’ll likely want to take a fresh look at what Twitter has to offer.

      Here’s a checklist of everything your business needs to do to get on (or back on) Twitter and start seeing great results. [Read full article here...]

      From there, she goes on to tell us what Twitter is, and how it’s unique. And then she takes us through 13 steps that explain how to start and get Twitter going, or how to relaunch your old Twitter  account.

      Her steps have some great advice and helpful tips. She makes it easy to understand and actually can make the reader look forward to getting into the Twitter pool!

      In closing, she states…

      After you master these Twitter skills, there are still more ways you can use Twitter to meet your business goals. Here are a few of them to inspire you.

      •     Start measuring your Twitter performance. It’s much easier to get better results when you have solid data about how your Twitter strategies are working.
      •     Focus on building your Twitter community. There are tools that allow you to analyze who is following you and reach out to your target audience. Together, these can make your Twitter marketing far more effective.
      •     Learn which tweets are most effective with your audience. Use Twitter tools to test alternative tweets to see which one really gets a better response.
      •     Expand your Twitter conversation topics. Add more variety to your conversations and pull in more audience engagement.
      •     Fine-tune your Twitter presence to get better results. When you hit a slump, it’s time to make small adjustments that add up to a stronger Twitter presence.

      There is much more to the article than we’ve quoted here, and if you’ve even slightly entertained the idea of jumping on Twitter, or have an old account you’ve let slip into oblivion, this article will help you decide whether it’s worth your time.

      Twitter is being proven as a helpful marketing tool. To read the full article and decide for yourself, click here.

      Oh, and if you do decide to pursue Twitter, you can add it to your VisiStat Social Media reporting. If you want to know more about this, contact our support gurus, and we’ll help you get it set up!

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