Reasons For Burning Smell Coming Out From The New Brakes

In these days, everyone wishes to buy a new four-wheeler according to his or her requirements and expectation. The peoples are also ready to invest in a lot of money on buying the vehicles. Initially, everyone should know about the safety parameters of your vehicle.

For instance, the burning odor in the brake system is the major issue in your four-wheeler; you have to concentrate much more on it.

Nowadays, most of the modern vehicles brake system is either a disc or drum system. Both the system works on the same principle in your vehicle. It offers high reliability; however, it requires frequent replacement and maintenance. Now you are going to some reasons behind the new brakes smell after driving.

Burning Smell From The New Brakes

Causes Due To An Emergency Brake:

While driving your car, an emergency brake can leads to causes of hot brakes. In case, if you drive with an emergency brake, then the rear brakes in your vehicle become overheated and finally causes a foul smell.

If you have not ready to face these issues in your vehicle, you have to drive normally. While driving a four-wheeler for a long distance with an emergency brake, you have to examine the rear brakes frequently.

Smoking Smell From The Brakes:

While smoking smell arises from the brakes will leads to serious condition. If the brakes are overheated or the smoking smell coming out from the brakes are due to the leakage some oil into the brakes or the brake pads may get burned.

If the brake pads are burned and then it will create a glaze, which will greatly affect the performance of your vehicle. The brake pads and rotors are damaged mainly due to the leakage of axle seals on to the brakes.

Twisted Rotors:

If the rotors are exposed to severe stress, it may become warped or twisted. Towing or mountain driving is the major reason for the twisted rotors. The cold-water hits the hot brakes can result in warped rotors.

While applying the brake, the warped rotors may cause the vehicle and steering wheel to shake. The stopping distance may be increased due to the warped rotors.

Leakages In The Braking System:

The leakages happened in the brake system is one of the hydraulic issues. The leakages have been increased if the brake pedal goes to the ground. The leakage in the brake may lead to whole brake system failure so you have to address it immediately. The new brakes smoke can be arisen due to the overheating of brakes and pads.

Issues In Brake Fade:

If the vehicle takes a longer distance to stop than before it is probably due to the issues in brake, fade. However, it is a short-term problem, if you leave it for a long time it will create some dangerous conditions. While driving on the mountain roads, the brakes may heat up and reduce the response of pads and rotors.

Thus, these are all the important reasons for the new brakes burning smell. Make use of this information, if you want to know about the brake system issues.

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