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Google Analytics Consulting Services

With its latest version of analytics, Google has dramatically shortened the gap with enterprise web analytics solutions. AnalyticsExpert has taken our expertise in the field of enterprise web analytics and applied to the many features in Google Analytics. We provide a wide range of services that will meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

Google Analytics Quick Start Program

The Quick Start Program is a turn-key solution for enterprises that need a comprehensive program at a low cost.

AnalyticsExpert's Quick Start Program (QSP) is a turnkey solution for enterprises that need a comprehensive set of services at a low cost. As part of the program, AnalyticsExpert will provide a full audit of your account, provide custom training and recommendations and make sure that you're up and running in no time. QSP consists of the following:

  • Account Audit: the program starts with an audit of your current implementation and a document outlining the implementation gaps to be addressed.
  • Account Configuration: we will start configuring your account with some critical items such as segments, filters and goals, in time for next phase of the program.
  • Custom Training: the program continues with a three-hour custom training session that teaches the Google Analytics features to your team while addressing your implementation gaps.
  • Quick Start Guide: the Quick Start Guide is a custom document that outlines the critical reports, metrics and configurations for your specific needs. It is a document that can effectively be given to new employees in order to get them up to speed with your account/implementation.
  • QA & Technical Consulting: the program will provide up to 3 hours of technical expertise to your development team, after the initial training so that they have the necessary level of support to implement the additional functionality.
  • Follow up Training: the follow up training is intended to provide a more advanced training for users, as well as answer follow-up questions that arise as a result of the engagement, making sure that the team is fully up to speed by the end of the engagement.

Want to find out more? Please contact us for a free consultation.

Google Analytics KPI Definition

Our services start with an understanding of your organization and the definition of the key performance indicators that will provide the highest value to your team. The proper KPIs let you understand the health of your site at any time and direct you to take proper actions that help you achieve your business objectives.

Google Analytics Implementation

AnalyticsExpert provides a full range of advanced Google Analytics implementations, utilizing our best practices across industry verticals. This is to ensure that your Google Analytics implementation is collecting the right data points from the get go. We have the skill set necessary to implement Google Analytics across any platform, including dynamic sites, and RIA sites such as those built using Flash, Flex and Ajax.

Google Analytics Configuration

In addition to implementing Google Analytics on your site, AnalyticsExpert will configure your Google Analytics account for proper reporting. This includes setting up the appropriate goals and funnels, segments and dashboards, filtering out internal traffic, creating the proper settings for development and QA, and excluding the unnecessary query string parameters.

Google Analytics Training

AnalyticsExpert's training services are centered on your business needs. Google Analytics has the ability to slice and dice the data in a multitude of ways. AnalyticsExpert training is designed to help you get the information that is relevant to your business. The training services range from remote sessions using web conferencing technology to full days of onsite training for your entire team.

Optimization Services

You get the most value from web analytics when you take action on the data. Fortunately, Google Analytics provides a number of features that make advanced analysis possible. AnalyticsExpert provides a wide range of services that uncover your site's full potential. The purpose is to provide concrete recommendations that increase your site's conversion. This is followed through using custom test plans and deployment strategies, and assessing the impact of the site changes. The result is improved site conversion and ROI.

Custom Reporting

AnalyticsExpert reporting services are designed to provide your enterprise with the necessary data points to take the proper actions. AnalyticsExpert doesn't believe in cluttering your inbox with mountains of data, instead we pride ourselves with understanding your business needs and generating reports that are specific to your organization, making the data actionable.

Custom Analysis

Often times, organizations don't have the time to provide their own analysis of the web analytics data. AnalyticsExpert's custom analysis solution lets companies define what data points they want to analyze and let us conduct the analysis. For example, is the site navigation working, or is the site search feature effective? Let our expertise come into play.

CRM Integration

Not all businesses sell their products online. In many cases, the purpose of the web site is to generate leads, which are then converted offline. AnalyticsExpert's CRM integration services using WebToCRM integrate the web data into your CRM solution so that you get a closed loop view of your marketing efforts.

Social Media Measurement

AnalyticsExpert is the only one to bring social media measurement straight into Google Analytics. AnalyticsExpert will configure your Google Analytics deployment and add both the direct and indirect traffic that you get from social media into your account. This lets you gets an apples-to-apples comparison between social media traffic and other traffic sources such as PPC advertising.

Want to find out more? Please contact us for a free consultation.

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