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AnalyticsExpert Agency Services

What sets AnalyticsExpert apart from other Web analytics firms is its experience working with both customers and interactive agencies. Over the years our principals have worked with dozens of interactive agencies on best practices and specific solutions for their clients. AnalyticsExpert's agency services are designed to help interactive agencies take their Web analytics practice to the next level.

AnalyticsExpert's services range from staffing solutions which are designed to help you properly staff your team, to training solutions around Web analytics implementation and best practice training. AnalyticsExpert's reporting best practices are designed to help your team build the best reporting infrastructure for your agency, while our client nurturing solutions allow you to extend your client relationship to the next level.

Staffing Services

Key to leveraging the value of Web analytics is proper staffing. In order to provide the highest value services to your clients, you need a staff that truly understands Web analytics and that can leverage Web analytics in order to meet your clients’ needs.

Having managed some of the most talented personnel in the Web analytics industry, AnalyticsExpert has developed the best practices necessary to take your staff to the next level. Our staffing services start by analyzing your clientele and their needs. AnalyticsExpert then assess your staff in order to determine their strengths and weaknesses, which will help determine your positioning as well as staff training requirements. With proper positioning, you can leverage your strengths to offer unique services to your clientele.

AnalyticsExpert then provisions a plan in order to staff your team with the necessary talent. This includes crafting the necessary job description and placement of the advertisement, to screening the candidates to ensure their success in your organization.

To learn more about our staffing services, please contact us.

Implementation Training

AnalyticsExpert's agency implementation training is designed to ensure that interactive agencies are deploying the optimal Web analytics implementation on their client Web sites. The training serves several purposes:

  • It provides an audit of your current implementation to make sure that you’re collecting the necessary information in the most efficient manner.
  • It educates your team about the latest implementation techniques.
  • It provides your team with a checklist that augments your implementation with additional items not yet identified by the client.
  • Your team is ultimately responsible for meeting your clients’ needs, whether identified or not yet identified by the client. AnalyticsExpert's best practices checklist makes sure that you anticipate your clients’ needs in advance so that you’re fully prepared as their needs mature.

    This is why AnalyticsExpert's implementation training consists of two distinct tracks. The business track is designed to train your team about the best use of Web analytics and how to anticipate your client needs. The technical track covers the latest and most efficient techniques for implementing Web analytics on your client site. By training your team on both the business and technical aspects of the implementation, you’ll be able to fully leverage your Web analytics solution.

    Agency Staff Training

    Your staff is your most valuable asset. This is why AnalyticsExpert has spent a great deal of time developing a training program that is designed for interactive agencies. AnalyticsExpert's training services are designed to train your staff about the best use of Web analytics. Unlike vendor training which are very product-specific, AnalyticsExpert trainings are focused on teaching your staff about the actual uses of Web analytics.

    This is achieved by using models that are designed to simplify the Web analytics process. It provides your staff with the knowledge necessary to look for the right data through the mountains of data provided by your Web analytics solution. Armed with this knowledge, your staff will be able to make tangible recommendations to your clients using data that matters.

    By using AnalyticsExpert staff training, you make sure that your staff is up-to-date with the latest implementing techniques, analysis and recommendation skills based on your Web analytics data.

    Reporting Best Practices

    The proper reporting communicates the key points to your client. Without proper reporting, even the best implementations go unnoticed. AnalyticsExpert's reporting best practices are designed to build the right reporting infrastructure for your agency.

    AnalyticsExpert helps build the right reporting infrastructure for your team based on your Web analytics solution, your team’s knowledge of different platforms, your clients’ internal teams and preferences and the complexity of the reports. This is to make sure that you’re sending the right data, to the right people, at the right time.

    The end goal is not to help generate a single report, but to provide your team with the knowledge necessary to consistently create the right reports for your clients.

    To find out more about our reporting best practices, please contact us.

    Client Nurturing

    In order to nurture your clients, you have to continuously stay in touch and exceed their expectations. Web analytics provides a great platform to do both. With the proper reporting, you’ll be able to always stay in touch. This provides for the continuous visibility that your agency needs.

    In order to exceed your clients’ expectations, you have to leverage your Web analytics findings to make changes to the site. It is through these changes that you will increase your client’s site conversion. AnalyticsExpert's services help you provide your clients with the continuous optimization cycle that they need. The optimization cycle consists of:

    • Track: leverage your implementation to track the proper KPIs on your client site
    • Analyze: leverage your Web analytics knowledge to make the proper recommendations on your client site
    • Optimize: make the necessary changes to your client site

    Please contact us to find out more about our optimization services.

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