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      New iPhone Case Studies: Promote Your App and Acquire Users

      posted by admob 8:31 AM
      Sunday, April 18, 2010

      AdMob works with hundreds of developers promoting applications. Mobile advertising is a proven method to drive new user acquisition across platforms. We’d like to highlight two recent success stories for the White Noise Lite and Slingshot Cowboy iPhone apps. While their strategies differed, both developers were able to cost effectively acquire new users through mobile advertising.

      Optimize towards cost-per-install goal – White Noise Lite

      Download tracking for iPhone offers app developers the ability to measure the download (conversion) rate and cost per new user for mobile advertising campaigns. By comparing conversion rates of different ad copy or targeting, developers can focus advertising budget only on an audience that converts well. This is a proven method for effectively managing cost per new user.

      TMSOFT, developer of White Noise Lite, used this testing strategy to optimize their advertising budget. By setting up many ad variations and closely measuring conversion performance, they were able to drive their cost per new user down to $0.20. By using house ads to cross promote the paid version of White Noise, they were also able to convert a percentage of these new installs to paid users. You can read more about their app promotion strategy in the case study here.

      “Burst” campaign for ranking increase – Slingshot Cowboy

      For most iPhone developers, managing App Store rank is essential for consistently hitting new user goals. Increasing download volume over a 1-3 day period is proven to impact category and overall ranking in the App Store. Improving rank increases discoverability of your app and will help you acquire new users organically, in addition to users who will download directly from a paid ad.

      Digital Prunes, developer of the popular Slingshot Cowboy game, utilized a burst strategy after falling out of the top 100 rankings overall and in the games category. Through mobile advertising, they were able to increase their daily download volume enough to regain #37 position in the games category and #61 overall in the App Store top free list. Once discoverable, they continued to move up through the store, reaching #2 in free games and #3 overall. You can find a case study on their campaign here.

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