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      YWA Invitation Process and User Management

      posted by Yahoo Web Analytics 5:08 PM
      Monday, April 5, 2010

      One of the responsibilities of being a YWA account administrator is the ability to invite other individuals to access the account.  Invited users will need to create credentials which will allow them log in and then view or create analytics reports.  This invitation process has created confusion among some of our customers as well as prompting questions about what are the end user requirements.

      YWA uses Yahoo! IDs (YIDs) to authenticate account logins and this YID is the same one that can be used across all of Yahoo!’s products and properties. So if you have a Yahoo! Mail account then you already have a YID that will allow access to any YWA account you have been invited to join. Yahoo! uses YIDs for the convenience and security of its customers and we call this feature Single Sign-On (SSO) because it requires our customers to only remember one username and password.

      The YWA invitation process begins with an administrator (main owner) of the account sending an invitation to whomever they would like to have access to the account. This invite can be sent to ANY email address, it is only later in the process that invitee will need to choose a YID that they will use to login to the account.

      Once an administrator is logged into YWA, they will need to navigate to:

      Settings –> Users & Roles -> Create and modify users and set their access rights

      Once there, you will click on Invite Others to Access this Account to begin the invitation process. You will then be taken to a form where you enter the invitee’s email address and name.  You will also be prompted to enter your name and will be given the option to modify the text of the invite.  Once submitted you will be taken to this confirmation screen:

      At this point you can revise the access rights offered to one of the four options listed.  You can also revoke the invitation, in case you change your mind about granting access to the user:

      YWA Access Levels

      Administrator – has unrestricted access to reporting, account and user management features.

      Power user – has unrestricted access to reporting, account and user management features, except for editing or deleting Administrators.

      User – has unrestricted access to reporting, but they do not have access to account management or user management features.

      Restricted User – has access to select reports and dashboards as configured below. Restricted Users have no access to account or user management features.

      Once the invitation is sent out, the recipient will have to accept the invitation by clicking on the link embedded in the email. This will take them to a page where they can enter their existing Yahoo! ID or create a new one:

      As mentioned before, a YID is required to access the analytics account. The benefit of using one’s own individual YID (instead of sharing a single YID among multiple users) is increased security and accountability while also allowing for refined access management to the reporting interface.

      Lastly, if at any point you would like to delete a user, navigate to:

      Settings –> Users & Roles -> Create and modify users and set their access rights

      Next to the desired user, click the ‘trash can’ icon:

      In a nutshell, the overall invitation process can be summarized into two simple steps:

      • Step 1: An administrator sends an email invitation from Yahoo! Web Analytics to anyone they want to grant access to.
      • Step 2: Following the link in the email, the invitee signs into analytics using their Yahoo! ID, if they do not have a YID, they will have to create one.

      YWA Case Study – First Choice Ski

      posted by Yahoo Web Analytics 5:08 PM
      Monday, April 5, 2010

      First Choice Ski, part of the TUI Travel group, has just produced a case study of their web analytics efforts in conjunction with Yahoo! Web Analytics.  You can click here to download the PDF version, but here are the highlights from Simon Rigglesworth and Penelope Bellegarde:

      “We can honestly say that the quality and features in YWA easily equal, and in some areas are a lot better than paid-for packages.”

      “The homepage experienced an 18% decrease in bounce rate.”

      “The number of sales driven by the homepage increased 266%.”

      “We think that Yahoo! Web Analytics really puts other vendors to shame.”

      First Choice Ski is a promotion and content-based travel website and operates in an extremely competitive space.  They therefore needed to optimize their website and connect with their visitors who arrived to research and select holiday destinations.  Using Yahoo! Web Analytics, First Choice Ski measured internal campaigns, examined traffic sources and calculated metrics.  Their investigations led to a complete redesign of the site’s homepage and they “are now generating quantifiable, actionable, data-driven processes for prioritizing and reviewing website developments.”

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