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      Watch This Space: Brand New Look for the Webtrends Blog

      posted by Webtrends Analytics 5:08 PM
      Monday, April 5, 2010

      Webtrends new blog!

      We are totally super-crazy-excited to announce a major reorganization and design update of our corporate blog!

      In the spirit of the Webtrends Manifesto, where we vow to help others look beyond numbers in their quest to understand the relationship between data and people, we’ve made searching for information here an intuitive, painless process. We want this place to become where you always go to when you’re looking for new ways to make sense of analytics data. Our stellar design team got to work scheming and dreaming about the best way to use this space to meet our goals with the biggest possible splash.

      The new blog design is a clean, user-friendly space with a simplified navigation. We’ve stream-lined content by narrowing down the types of information you’ll find here into three main topics: Best Practices, Industry News, and Inside Webtrends. Each topic has its own page, and all sub-categories of all topics are now available in the right sidebar for your leisurely perusing. Now you’re always just a few clicks away from seeing every post on any topic!

      We matched our corporate blog with aesthetics found at and added a fancy new interactive carousel to highlight important posts. You can also see post popularity rankings and subscribe to feeds for each main topic. And, of course, all of Webtrends’ social media web site accounts are present and accounted for.

      We think you’ll find the new-and-improved blog a useful resource for all things analytics-related. However, please keep in mind that we plan to keep tweaking the arrangement of content and implement new features until we get it perfect.

      So, what do you think of Webtrends’ pretty, reorganized corporate blog? Are we headed in the right direction? Help us stay on track to achieve our goals by sharing your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Thanks, and remember to watch this space!

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